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Deep Learning-Based Medical Research Platform

m:Studio Research is a packaged platform that allows users to operate multiple medical Deep Learning research projects. The platform is designed to support you for the detection of diseases and symptoms on body parts and organs. Deep Learning based algorithms can be developed with platform and for academic findings.

Online Diagnosis Platform for Individual

Cognitive artificial intelligence disease detection platform, m:Studio Individual will help eliminating human errors and reducing the cases of delayed diagnosis. The platform provides online diagnosis system with DICOM image files and finds out specific disease result within a minute via web browsers.


“By providing equal access to medical services, ensure the right to life regardless of one’s social and financial status.”


Provide user-friendly tools for consistent, accurate and fast diagnosis.

Develop a top-notch AI platform for analyzing images (Ultrasound, MRI CT and X-ray), electronic medical records, and genome data.

News and Events

RSNA 2018

Radiological Society of North America 2018 (RSNA 2018) November 25-30, 2018 McCormick Place, Chicago   RSNA 2018 Show CAIDE Systems joined the RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. RSNA 2018...

Newspaper article on CAIDE Systems

The first newspaper article on CAIDE Systems Biospectator, a respected life science focused newspaper in South Korea, published an article on CAIDE Systems. The article talks about the unique strategy...

2018 BIO International Convention Pre-night

2018 BIO International Convention Pre-night, Boston JUN/3, 2018   For upcoming event ‘2018 BIO International Convention(6.4-7)’, the Korean consulate in Boston had a welcoming night on June 3. It was...

Boston Innovation Forum

Boston Innovation Forum, Boston MAY/10, 2018   ‘Boston Innovation Forum’ was held in Consulate General of the Republic of Korea on May 10. CAIDE Systems was invited this meeting to...

Healthcare Congress 2018

Healthcare Congress in Seoul, Korea APR/12 – APR/13, 2018 Its main theme is ‘Perspective of Korean Hospitals in the Industry 4.0’. The exhibition section is mainly subdivided to medical supplies/devices, medical...


  The GTC 2018 was the first place where CAIDE Systems demonstrated the developed products to public. Our team did great job at the booth and have given a wonderful...

VC Invitation

Invited venture capitalists on FEB/21, 2018

MASS Innovation Nights 107

Mass Innovation Nights 107: UMass Lowell Innovation Hub in Lowell, MA on FEB/15, 2018    

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