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Deep Learning-Based Medical Research Platform

We are pleased to announce that CAIDE Systems Inc has launched m:Studio’s Research, capable of automatic data labeling for building diagnostic Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. We provide it with a free service.

The objective of this free service enables medical researchers to create disease diagnostic AI models using automatic labeling functions with CT or MRI images at their institutions. Currently, this service includes the brain lesion annotation but automatic data labeling of other human body parts will be provided through collaboration between service applicants and CAIDE.

When you apply for this service, CAIDE will create a user account on the DGX1 server. The user uploads patient data (Dicom or NIFTI files) including lesions to be labeled as inputs. As outputs, the returning labeled results are created through m:Studio’s automatic labeling functions. The user can download the labeled maps and use them for training. (uploaded data is anonymized and not reused and finally, all data is deleted when the project ends). For high-quality, high-performance lesion labeling, CAIDE uses two proprietary patent methods.

Please apply for this service via email ( CAIDE Systems will review, select, and proceed with the project. At the same time, only 2~3 projects can be carried out so the service will be first provided to those who apply first (first-come & first service)

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